Best Practices

  • Finding New Clients

  • How to steal clients from your competitors?

    Key-terms: Client module, Site tech info

    Step 1: Search competitor technology:
                Go to Reports > Site Tech Report > Create New Report

    Step 2: Download the list of their customers.
                Download report > Find email ids of these customers to connect with them

    Step 3: Turn them into your customers.
               With proper approach turn these prospects into paid customers

    For example:
    Let's say you are a software company with a new chat plugin to launch.
    In site tech report, search for the competitor chat plugin.
    Download that report.
    Get customer email ids who are currently using competitor chat plugins.

    Site Tech Report > Create New Report > Select the filters as needed (Select the Alexa Ranking Range) > Generate Report

  • Find Clients which use the technology in which you provide services.

    Key-terms: Companies module, Site tech info

    Know about the site tech technologies that your target companies use. Search according to the technologies, Location, Domain, Vertical and many other search options.

    1. Search for the closest keyword (LeadLake looks for exact phrase in your search term)
    2. All the Site tech information is described in 'Companies Details' option in the lead link.
    3. Find related leads in the 'Related Leads' options
    4. Generate reports to download the companies information.

    Find related companies based on vertical or technology used by a particular company.

    Companies > Lead Details > Company Details

  • How to find niche tech companies to market?

    Key-terms: App Reports, Tools Reports

    Search companies on the basis of tools and mobile apps they develop. Following are the two ways through which you can find the niche tech companies,

    1.Search for the app or tool or technology and find the company links in app or tools module.
    2.Generate an App Report or Tools Report to download the leads.

    Niche Co. > Tools/Apps

  • How to find users for your products or services on Internet?

    Key-terms: Online communities

    Communities are the important resources for branding where the users talk online, share their problems or review the competition.

    LeadLake crawls those Online Communities where you, your customers, peers and industry experts are interacting with each other and share their reviews and compilation.

    Track such Online Communities where you get to know your customers. Find the information in the module Network > Online Communities.

    Network through the online communities, establish your authority by helping, answering and joining the conversation.

    Network > Online Communities

  • How to target best companies using LeadLake?

    Key-terms: Companies module, Alexa ranking, AI search

    Now start targeting best companies around the globe. LeadLake provides all the site tech information of the businesses.

    1.The company information can be found in Lead Link’s additional information in LeadLake.
        Use Additional Search Options to further narrow your leads.
    2.To know the Alexa Ranking-
       User can get this information in Companies > Company Details
    3.Download the the Alexa rankings of companies along with other details as follows
       Go to Reports > Site Tech Report > Create New Report > Select the filters as needed (Select the Alexa Ranking Range) > Generate Report.
    These reports can be downloaded as well as can be accessed online in LeadLake.

    Reports > Site Tech Report > Create New Report > Select the filters as needed (Select the Alexa Ranking Range) > Generate Report.

  • How to score multi-million dollar government projects?

    Key-terms: Tenders

    LeadLake analyzes Government procurement and e-Tender websites and identifies the most relevant tender notifications as they appear on the official websites.

    1. Find the upcoming tenders notification in tenders module for details.
    2. All the tenders are from official government sources and websites.

    Track Tenders from any location and understand the requirements to grab the opportunity of multi-million dollar government projects.

    Clients > Tenders

  • Growing Business

  • How to get Free Publicity?

    Key-terms: PR opportunities module

    Ever wondered how to get your business free publicity in media outlets? Whom to contact for that?

    1. Find the PR opportunities in Outreach > PR Opportunities module.
    2. It displays all the journalists, bloggers looking to feature a particular business type in their upcoming news article.

    Encash on those PR opportunities and get free publicity for your business.

    Outreach > PR Opportunities

  • How to Promote your business in National Publications?

    Key-terms: Journalists module

    Start pitching ideas, product releases and company announcements to targeted press lists. Now find relevant journalists around the globe.

    1. Search your business domain and get a list of journalists who frequently writes about your business domain.
    2. Find the journalists in the module- Outreach>Journalists
    3. You will only find journalist interested in your searched business domain.

    Outreach > Journalists

  • How to raise venture capital via LeadLake?

    Key-terms: Investors module

    Start pitching your business plans to the right people and connect to the right investors who will take your businesses to new heights. With LeadLake’s search intelligence it is easy to find Investors and Venture Capitalists in your business domain.

    1. Search for your business domain and get a list of interested investors in your business domain.
    2. LeadLake will match your location, funding needs, business vertical against prospective investors who fit your criteria based on previous investment history.

    Connect > Investors

  • How to get mass traction and instant publicity?

    Key-terms: Influencers

    Under the influence of social media and trends, the advertisement campaign cannot match the effect of a single tweet or one blog post from an online influencer in your target business segment.

    To search influencers in LeadLake, search the keyword and follow the lead links in module Find the information in the module Connect > Influencers
    Influencers are the movers and shakers of an industry segment. Creating a report with them and asking for an online mention is a great way to start your influencer marketing.

    Connect > Influencers

  • How to partner with Global Brands?

    Key-terms: Franchises

    Find opportunities to partner with Global Brands and find their franchises in your business domain. We monitor brand websites to check new franchises announcements in your business domain.

    To find the franchise opportunities, search your business domain and find the franchise opportunities.

    Biz Ops > Franchise

  • Finding Contact Details

  • How to discover thousands of emails in minutes?

    Key-terms: Email lists,Company lists,Prospect lists

    LeadLake provides highly targeted and segmented Email Lists, Business Lists, Consumers List and Prospect Lists.

    To generate
    1. Email Lists - Find the email lists of the user base all around the world at one place.
        a. All the lists are segmented according to the industry and user interest.
        b. To generate an Email List - Go to - Email List > Select the List > Download
        c. The list will contain the Email IDs of the target user base.
        d. No limit to reuse the lists. But LeadLake recommends following the CAN-Spam Act protocols to avoid future complications.

    2. Business Lists - Find the Business Information along with all the crucial information of the businesses.
        a. All the lists are segmented according to the Business Industry types.
        b. To generate the business list, Go to Business List > Select the Category > Select the list and download.
        c. The lists will contain all the available information in fields like, Business Name, Contact Details, Social Media Links etc.

    3. Reports Download - Download the leads that have more chances of conversion.
        a. The leads and quantity depends upon the keyword that users searches for.
        b. To generate the Prospect Lists- Got to - Reports > Prospects > Create New Report > Enter the Primary and Negative Keywords > Done.
        c. The list will contain the information of Client Requirement, Description and Email IDs.

    No limit to reuse the lists. But LeadLake recommends following the Spam Act protocols to avoid further complications.

    Email Lists, Business Lists, Reports

  • How to Find the Right Lead Email id?

    Key-terms: Searching options

    LeadLake has wide range of search options. Make the most of it by understanding its features.

    1. Basic Search: Just enter the keyword and done. It is like using normal search engines that we have been using for years. Results with exact match will be ranked higher and with broad match will be ranked lower in the index page.
    2. Advance Search: Use 'Advanced Search' for narrowing down your search results with filter options.
    3. Guided Search: If confused what to search for? Start with Guided Search for faster and efficient searches
    4. Feeds:Stay Updated by setting your frequent searches in Feeds, and get real time updates as the lead is generated.

  • How to target a warm lead instead of mass email blasts?

    Key-terms: Know your Client

    LeadLake crawls the world wide web and generates leads in real time. Whenever someone expresses their need of buying something over online platforms like, Social Media, Marketplaces, Classifieds etc. we catch the posting as lead.
    All the leads are analyzed with their requirements and then categorised to let you know the client’s exact requirement. Knowing the client’s exact requirements will put you in the leading position over your competitor in the sales pitching and convincing.

  • Finding Opportunities

  • How to identify hidden business opportunities via news?

    Key-terms: News and Filters

    LeadLake monitors millions of business news sources, analyze them and index them for relevant search terms. LeadLake analyzes these news and categorises them in Positive, Negative and Neutral News.

    1. Negative News are Bankruptcies, Staff Cuts, Resigns, Litigations, Security Leaks, Corporate Challenges, Underperforming etc.
    2. Positive News are New Hirings, New Offerings, New Locations, New Contracts, Partnerships, Outperforming, Expanding Operations, Real Estate: Construction
    3. Neutral News are Leadership Changes, Presentations, Startups, IPO, Compliance, Hiring Plans, Merger/Acquisitions, Real Estate: Deals etc.

    Use the analysis of what goes inside business organization and thus formulating your business strategies accordingly.

    News > Positive News/Negative News/Neutral News

  • How to grow business via content marketing?

    Key-terms: Article module

    Blogs can be a great way to understand how your industry is shaping up and what future holds for your business.

    1. We analyze thousands of blog articles to get the most relevant business information currently under discussion.
    2. Comment on these discussions, connect with the author, pitch your own content to the author and fellow readers.
    3. By increasing the value of the discussion while linking back to your own website can help grow your audience.

    Knowledge > Article

  • How to find opportunities via Events?

    Key-terms: Events module

    Events are a great way to find new business opportunities. Now you don't have to search the web endlessly to find an event related to your business. Just type in your business domain name or related keywords and get a detail list of all events happening in real time near you.

    Best way to make most out of it-
    Way 1: Grow network by attending those events
    Way 2: If the event cannot be physically attended then find people who have liked, commented, shared that event page- they are the most likely clients for you. For example, people attending an event on Start-up or sharing the some content would be the best prospects for an Web Development Company.

    Network > Events

  • How to Learn and Grow your business via LeadLake


    LeadLake is the only Comprehensive webinar search engine on web. Learn new business strategies, hands-on tactics and new developments in your industry domain through webinars.

    Get valuable business insights by keeping tab on webinars. A webinar can be a presentation, lecture or workshop that is transmitted over the web. Webinars also helps you interact with global experts, ask questions, get new business opportunities and network to expand your business.

    Knowledge > Webinars

  • How to scan web for hidden & real time business opportunities?

    Key-terms: Client module

    LeadLake crawls the word wide web and finds the hidden and real time leads from the following sources.

    1. Social Media - Major Social media sites e.g. twitter.
    2. Tenders - Government procurement and e-Tender websites.
    3. Classifieds - Classified sites.
    4. Forums - Forum Sites
    5. Remote Works - Major job sites
    6. Marketplaces - Major marketplaces websites

    LeadLake catches the leads when anyone shows interest in buying any thing on the above mentioned sources.

    Feeds: Stay Updated by setting your frequent searches in Feeds, and get real time updates as the lead is generated. Guided Search: If confused what to search for? Start with Guided Search for faster and efficient searches.