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Web Lead Alerts

Mailing Lists, Web Alerts, Company details to target your exact customer


Get important leads from all major social media platforms, it analyzes social media postings relevant to your search interests. Building a strong rapport with the potential lead would help in converting them easily.


Forums are excellent source of information for lead prospecting, so don’t lose out the opportunity, keep an eye on them. Mining through thousands of forum for various topics to locate the best possible postings which needs your business service. Pitching with a strategy through the user comments would definitely give you an upper hand.

Remote Works

Find telecommuting and remote work opportunities which can be a great way to start a long term business contract. Scanning through hundreds of job sites we find which organization is looking to outsource the work. Simply follow up with the appropriate decision maker and get the contract.


Find the most relevant tender notifications as they appear on the official e Tender websites. We scan through all the Government procurement and e-Tender websites, to provide you most relevant tender notifications as they appear on the official websites from all around the globe.


Classifieds are the best source for fresh warm leads, identifying each one of them through multiple sources is strenuous. We scan through all major classifieds like craigslists.org, quickr.com etc. and provide you best relevant classified ads. Following up with the leads in regular intervals will surely help in sales acceleration.


Finding relevant projects and opportunities from various sources becomes dicey. Identifying the exact opportunity from the various 100+ marketplaces like upwork.com and others is now easy. Our algorithm will save you time to find the right project for you.


LeadLake would analyze the content and give the relevant possible lead notification from various sources in Opportunities which can turn out to be ways to expand business scope. Nurturing these leads with strong follow up will definitely put them in your sales funnel.

Outreach & Connect

The sales prospecting tool - Delegate your time consuming task for sales.


Get connected to domain specific journalists around the globe, who frequently writes about your domain. LeadLake will also find you their contact info, social media links recent articles and lot more. This can be a great way to pitch new ideas, product releases and company announcements to a targeted press list.

PR Opportunities

Have a Brand or Startup or launching a product lineup? PR is the best technique. Find the PR opportunities from all around the world in real-time for your specific work domain. This is one of the best source to create a buzz and to promote your business to journalists, blogger or authors looking out for you.


A business needs investments to grow. By LeadLake’s intuitive search layer it’s very easy to find venture firms and investors interested in your business domain. Our system will match your location, funding needs; business vertical against prospective investors who fit these criteria based on their previous investment history. Pitch to the right people and connect to the best minds who will take your business to new heights.


In the world of digital media and mass communication no advertisement can match that one tweet or one blog post from an online influencer which will create ripple effect in your target business segment. This lead prospecting tool can find you those influencers in a simple search which will unearth the best people previously unknown to you who can help you and your business to reach the right audience.

Network & Knowledge

AI to know which investor or influencer is interested in your domain


Events are great way to promote business. But with number of events being organized on various subjects, it gets tedious to find related event for your business. With the help of LeadLake user can get real time update on the event happening in their specific business domain. Also, alerts can be set for upcoming events and get notified via email as soon as the event schedule is released.


Network through online communities; establish your brand by helping, answering, and networking. LeadLake ranks these online communities based on number of users, relevant topics and last active conversation to feature the best ones of your interest.


Thousands of articles are published every day, on number of avenues. LeadLake helps you in keeping track on them. It analyses number of blog articles to get most relevant business information currently under discussion.


Get valuable business insights and keep tab on the webinars happening around the world. LeadLake users can get real time notifications about webinars at one place so you could never lose your opportunity to interact with global experts.

News & Niche Co.

Know which site uses CMS, shopping carts, analytics and many more


To help you understand what goes inside business organization so as to help you formulate your business strategies. The news section is monitored through Positive, Negative and Neutral Signals through the millions of business news sources, which are further analyzed and indexed according to your search term.


Imagine the ability to connect to all the related companies who have a similar app or work in a particular problem area. You can ally with them, market to them, pitch great ideas and products. We provide a platform to find the websites of all apps and their contact info for marketing.


Generate leads by targeting specific companies working in a domain e.g. CRM companies. With millions of tools daily being introduced – it might be difficult to find the most appropriate companies to target if you are not using LeadLake. With our easy to filter and searchable database you can find companies in specific verticals at click of a button.

Companies & Biz Ops

Get immediate alerts for hot buying intention of news releases, forum posting, social media postings

Site Tech Info

Generate leads by targeting specific companies working in a domain e.g. CRM companies. With millions of tools daily being introduced – it might be difficult to find the most appropriate companies to target if you are not using LeadLake. With our easy to filter and searchable database you can find companies in specific verticals at click of a button.


Expand your business by finding great franchises in your industry domain. We monitor brand websites to check new franchise announcements in your business domain and locations. We rank franchising opportunities based on location, investment needed and skills required to run the business.

Buying Prediction

Generate leads by predicting what the buyer may buy next. LeadLake analyzes those crucial buying points in the buyer’s cycle and notifies the user as leads. This next generation technology enables our users to have a realistic forecasts of the anticipated future buying need for their product.

Data management

Find and Save accurate customers with targeted, accurate mailing lists


The user can save lists of keywords and keep track of the updated leads using this feature. The feature would save time. So you can never lose an opportunity. By adding related leads in common lists, you can easily manage data and collaborate with multiple leads at a time.


Organize important leads; star the lead link in the search result. These links will be stored in the starred list in the dashboard from where all stared links can be accessed collectively. It helps to differentiate between items that need a timely or urgent action.


LeadLake users can add a note for every search result. Adding a note can help in noting down any updates or comments to the lead so as it may help in following up the lead. All the commented leads can be accessed at one place in the dashboard section.


Filter and Download data by location, industry, company size


Search and download company information such as locations, traffic ranking, social data contact information, vertical etc. with the use of predefined filters, users can filter and generate report on variety of parameters like market analysis, sales intelligence, and competitive analysis.

Email List

LeadLake provides highly targeted email lists segmented according to their area of interest. Helping you reach the exact target audiences by the industry type to present your product and services. Offering millions of email IDs across demographic segmentations.

Business List

Search and download industry wise segmented and categorised List of Businesses with Contact information and other business details. Get new opportunities and explore millions of businesses across hundreds of industries and markets around the globe. The Feature to present your product or service to the business most likely to buy.


Quickly access domain's whois database, US database, Global Domain Database. Millions of domains at your fingertips. With our services you will be able to get vast amounts of updated data downloaded on your machine.

Intelligent searches

Spend less time doing thousands of Google searches, monitoring web platforms and tracking news and more time doing real business

Related Search

When you search for a term, you’ll see searches related to your term. LeadLake helps you in identifying other opportunities around, the related search links are displayed for every lead. Trying different combinations may find you an unexpected opportunity.

Linked Insights

LeadLake provides interlinked data that could turn up more useful to the user. It will give you relevant results from various linked sources over the World Wide Web. This Intelligent search technique helps the user to find the linked search result it could be related to.

Advance Search

Specify additional requirement for your search. Get the ability to narrow down the searches by using Advance Search options. Use series of different filters like search terms, proximity, location etc.

Guided Search

Guided search for faster and effective search for users who are not sure of the right search term to use. It has been integrated to guide the new users to find relevant results quickly and efficiently.

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