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LeadLake is an Artificial Intelligent business search engine which analyzes millions of data points on buying intentions, company information, technologies, news, social media and web data to help you find real-time warm leads.

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Identify prospects that need your services by using the richest, most up-to-date sales intelligence platform in the industry.

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Social Leads 

Social media leads from all major social media platforms.

Forum Leads  

Business Leads in trending & active Forum topics.

Remote Work Leads  

Remote work opportunities in your domain of interest.

Classified Leads 

Updated & fresh business leads posted in Classifieds.

Marketplace Leads  

Leads from Online Marketplaces.

Tenders Leads 

Tender and Contract notifications on official e-tender websites.

Prospects Leads  

Seek the leads those have high probability of conversion.

News Signals  

Analytics on business news to find internal organisation signals.


Find relevant journalist who writes about your industry.


Business leads from buzzing industry articles in blogosphere.

Event Leads 

List of all your industry related events in real time, near you.


Networking opportunities through active online communities.

PR Opportunities 

Real-time PR opportunities for your business evolution.

Technology Details 

Filter companies by technologies and tools they use.


Get fresh and finest Franchising opportunities in the industry.


Find venture firms and investors from your industry.


Find top influencers in your sector and build your community.


Find and target companies based on tools they make.


Find and target companies based on Apps they make.


Get valuable insights by keeping tab on latest webinars.

Company Contacts 

Filter companies by ranking, Industry type, Location etc.

Costs less than $0.001 per Lead!

Curating Lead Data through advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms costs much lesser than doing it manually. You save more than $3500 by subscribing to LeadLake as opposed to 7 different products available in industry today.

Real-time Alerts

Stay ahead of the game with custom search alerts when a lead is originated anywhere in deep web.

10X More Conversions

Potential returns: 40:1

Direct marketing helped to generate $40.56 for every $1 invested according to a 2011 study by the Direct Marketing Association.

Generate more Revenue with Artificial Intelligence powered Sales and Marketing intelligence.

Advanced prospect targeting

  • Buying Intention

  • Technologies

  • Business Verticals

  • Geography

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Know the number of Lead Links by searching your business keyword.

Create a target account list in minutes, not months.

Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence powered prospect search platform

No Cold Marketing

LeadLake gives you warm leads by either revealing buying intention or powerful targeting techniques to help you zero down on niche markets. It's time to stop cold calling.

No Generic Searches

The traditional way of mining for Leads is outdated. Companies which are creating mass revenue streams are using advanced tools and technologies to target their customers. Are you?

No Guess Work

We are taking the guessing game out of sales by giving targeted business leads, behind the scenes company information and predictions on buying intentions.

LeadLake VS Others


Dynamic-Fresh Data

Get data that is updated in real-time as you read this.

Predict Buying intention

Connect to only those who are interested in buying right now.

Machine clean Data

We clean data by Artificial Intelligence powered algorithms thus minimizing the error rate.


Static-Stale Data

Your growth rate will not change if your data is not changing.

Cold Contacts

Don't lose your reputation by calling thousands of uninterested buyers.

Human Errors in Data

Data cleansed by humans have a high probability of noise, reducing your success rate.

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